Empowering a shared learning platform for teachers.


Senior Visual Designer


Product design

Visual design

Amplify was bringing a 1:1 tablet solution to schools with the hope to better connect teachers to students to technology. Teachers had lessons that they wanted to share with each other and approved applications to distribute to their students. How could we create a shared resource for teacher's content and celebrate the work they do every day?

I worked on visualizing our assignment model, support system, bringing a more playful elements to the experience, and created a content delivery system—Amplify Market.


Amplify is a 1:1 tablet solution for teachers to engage with their classroom.

The web was a solution we began to investigate to move away from building a native app experience and build a robust web-tool. This would help Amplify extend beyond a tablet solution and become more usable in more markets.

These explorations would help spark a conversation among leadership to invest resources into a new content delivery system.


There was no way for teachers to aggregate, share, and distribute lesson plans easily to their students.

When we spoke with teachers, they were curating lesson plans through multiple resources, all of which were outside of the Amplify ecosystem.

Key Research Takeaways

→ Social network to follow great content

→ Agregated collections of content

→ Reviews and ratings

→ Centralized curation for Tablet learning


A vision that detailed how we create a social network that empowers teachers to create and share content with their peers.

Discovery was crucial, be that within a Teacher's immediate network, or extended. The goal was to surface the best reusable content. An app store, for teachers.

Similarly, playlists (or lesson plans) could be curated and shared. However, it wass important to consider how the content aligns with educational standards.


This vision prompted leadership to invest in a full, product experience connecting content to teachers.

At SXSW, Amplify proposed its first Amplify Market concept. We partnered with educational apps to bring on to the service and built relationships with trusted educational resources to curate lesson plans.

I created the core product experience for how Amplify could share content and enable relevant applications to upload their products to Amplify's Market.

We also constructed a CMS portal for engineers to sign up, upload, and manage their apps inside the Amplify Market.

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