Hey, I'm Josh. I make things for the internet. βœ¨πŸ’€

What I love to do

As a design leader, I value how culture, brand, and innovation blend together to improve quality at scale.

My mission is to build sustainable frameworks which create positive cultural shifts in how teams collaborate effectively.

Currently, I’m a Design Lead at Netflix where I focus on the strategy and architecture of Hawkins, the Netflix Design System.

Before that, I co-led the evolution of design systems at Spotify, called Encore, where I delivered the framework for a centralized and distributed design system and led design for Encore Web.

It's been a journey

2019 β†’ Present

Netflix / Principal Product Designer

Leading design for our Consumer Design System across platforms. Co-creating a Design Token, platform-agnostic, infrastructure with Design Technology to automate and synchronize a scalable delivery of foundational brand elements. Hired and managed several contractors (Principal to Mid-level) to research collaboration workflows, execute cross-platform design libraries, document design patterns, deliver an evolved icon system, and educate designers.

Launched Hawkins, the first Netflix Design System, to the Studio organization. Led adoption strategies and rollout for the 1.0 release. Co-created a design language with Product Brand for the Studio. Built a documentation platform to educate designers on component usage across Studio and Consumer.

2016 β†’ 2019

Spotify / Senior Product Designer

Formalized the strategic framework to build out a centralized-yet-distributed, audience agnostic, approach to design systems at Spotify, called Encore. Led design for Encore Web from its inception to wide distribution. Art directed a small design team that handled Spotify Premium seasonal and evergreen campaigns and integrated with our payment product team.

2015 β†’ 2016

Square / Product Designer

Launched a beta for Online Store and built workflow optimizations for search and scan interaction patterns for Square Retail POS.

2013 β†’ 2015

Amplify / Senior Visual Designer

Led design for Amplify Market to deliver content, lessons, and apps for teachers. Modernized our web and tablet visual direction and developed character animation system.

2011 β†’ 2013

Barbarian / Designer

Worked with clients: GE, Bacardi, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Samsung, Facebook, Sears and Dos Equis.


πŸ“ Seattle, WA

Willow Glen, CA

Brooklyn, NY

I live in Seattle, WA with my wife and daughter, where we spend the days watching it rain and longing for summer. We're typically travelling the world in search of good food and good vibes. One of my favorite memories from traveling was seeing the milky way on our honeymoon.

I have a fairly large tattoo collection with a general theme of death and nature by artists Victor Webster, Rachel Hauer, Damien Thorn, and Sue Jieven. One of my pieces by Rachel even made it to the top page of Reddit.

I love a good sing along, but expect it to be with metal overtures. This translates to very hardcore versions of β€œFrozen - Let it Go” at Karaoke. Here's a peak at what I'm currently listening to: