Square brought their merchants online.

Square was in a unique position to serve merchants a customized UI that integrates directly with their business. This was my first project at square with a rapid timeline to go live with a small, mainly remote team. The beta program focused on creating a simple, customized web editing UI while extending the product offering from basic items to donation campaigns and ticketed events.

Generative design process.

The project began by exploring various editing and template styles while considering resusable compoents between them all. The editing interface started out as a 'what you see is what you get' UI, but due to development constraints, we went back to a easier to use UI that tied back to the rest of the Square design ecosystem.

The onboarding process had to be quick and informative.

We wanted merchants to be able to pick a template, upload a few key graphics, load any amount of inventory to their site and be ready to launch. It can see daunting to add your full stock during on boarding, so we decided to simply introduce them to the system by just creating their first batch of items to sell.

Sell products, tickets and accept donations.

In order to begin experimenting with more variants of items a merchant could sell, our research team interviewed and surveyed merchants interested in going online. Our merchants were teaching classes, holding fundraisers, holding guest speakers, etc with no official way to collect through Square.

Order management.

As we began to explore a new checkout flow, the staggered layout of the form elements came into question. Was there a simpler way to construct the page and allow the customers to flow through with ease. This updated visual style has been iterated on and reflected itself into the rest of the dashboard ecosystem. Once an order is placed, an email will be sent to the merchant if any action is needed.

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