Amplify is an educational tablet solution for 1:1 learning.

Bringing technology into the school system is said to be disrupting the learning process; however, it is something that is necessary. While at Amplify, I've been tasked with creating visuals and stories behind our assignment model, support system, and content delivery system. More recently, the idea of fun in the product has become a demand that is being met and paired with animation.

When exploring how to deliver content to our users, some questions I asked were how this tablet experience could extend to a more responsive world, how can we use teachers to our advantage for a source of content, and how could teachers discover apps, playlists (lessons) and each other.

This concept sparked the conversation to bring a market to Amplify.

At SXSW, Amplify proposed our first market concept and are now building out a full experience. The team is constantly partnering with educational apps to bring to our market and reaching out to trusted educational sources for curated lessons. App developers have a portal to sign up, upload, and manage their apps inside our market. It's only the beginning for the Amplify Market.

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